Pastor's Monthly Message

June 2024

Dear siblings in Christ, 
The Easter season is over and now the Church enters a long stretch known in the lectionary as "ordinary time" (also referred to as Sundays after Pentecost).  It is exactly how it sounds - ordinary.  The Church year includes the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Sundays after the Epiphany, Lent and Easter.  These seasons take us from December through May - the rest is "ordinary."  

It's nice to have a time in the church year to slow down just a little - just ask the choir and altar guild!  Extra services, special music and changing the paraments and banners can be meaningful but also exhausting.  So once Easter is over and we enter "ordinary time," our worship service is simplified a bit and the altar color is green from this Sunday (6/2) all the way through November with very few exceptions.

But don't let the word "ordinary" fool you. 

Ordinary doesn't mean empty, not as important, or rote.  In our crazy busy lives, ordinary is often rushed through or ignored and that's too bad.  For in our rushing, in our attention to only what's exciting, different, or loud, we can miss the beauty of the simple and unassuming, often the gifts right in front of us:  the magnificence of a flower, the sound of birds chirping in the evening, the light of a candle, the taste of our favorite food, the comfort of our bed at night.  Ordinary?  Yes.  But also amazing and meaningful.  All these, and countless others, are gifts of God for us to notice and appreciate.

As we begin ordinary time and approach the summer months, I encourage you to pay attention to the ordinary.  For in the ordinary we can find beauty and wonder - faith and awe - the fingerprints of God.  Because, you know, God often chooses what is ordinary to show us EXTRAordinary love - a baby in a manger, water, bread and wine - and each other.

In Christ,
Pastor Holliday